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Walking with my friend Kham Lin in Cambodia

Hi there! My name is Ligeia and I am currently based in Clearwater, Florida, USA. I am an avid traveler and love sharing my adventures with anyone who’s interested. I have traveled to over 60 nations and have lived in three foreign countries: Germany (3 years), Canada (6 years) and Thailand (2.5 years).

Diving off the northern coast of Bali, Indonesia near a town called Pemuteran

I have always enjoyed traveling for the opportunity to learn about new cultures (language, food, music, religion etc.), meet people with differing ways of looking at the world and seeing the natural marvels of our wonderful planet. I believe that every location in the world has something wonderful to offer and I aim to discover what that is.

Excited about going spelunking in a cave in Valle de la Luna, Atacama Desert, Chile

This blog includes posts about my travel experiences around the world as a woman, a vegan and a lesbian. You can find posts here on vegan options of various cuisines worldwide as well as visits I make to animal sanctuaries, and what it’s like to be a woman and lesbian in different cultures.

Spending the night in a watch tower on the Great Wall of China

I invite you to come along for the ride as I share my life journey with you. The older I get the more I realize how short life is. So, I have created an ever-growing bucket list of things I want to experience in my time here on Earth.

Finding a travel gnome in Wrocław, Poland

Some are adventurous, some are peaceful and some are designed to help me conquer a fear (heights for example) or grow in some way. Traveling allows me to learn, explore and expand my comfort zone. Even if I don’t end up completing all the items on my bucket list, I will have had a good life trying.

Making it to base camp on the Tibet side of Mt. Everest

Where in the world will I go next?

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